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2,500 Graft Hairline and "Corner Closure" Case | Dr. Bloxham | Feller & Bloxham

One of the most common requests we receive from patients who visit for hairline/"frontal band" work is: "Doc, can we 'close in the corners?'" or "do the sides?" or "fix the temples?" And what patients mean by this: can temporal or "corner" work be done while also fixing the frontal hairline region? It is important to note that this is not likely the best approach for all patients. Closing off the corners of a hairline and doing side or temporal work is a more aggressive approach and definitely "boxes" a patient in to a more immature and aggressive frontal design. Patients with advanced hair loss, those with certain hair/skin types (very dark and coarse with light skin), and very young patients are probably not the best candidates for this approach. However, there are instances where it is appropriate and patients may benefit greatly from some "corner closure" along with the normal frontal hairline work. Furthermore, this approach is surgically complex to accomplish successfully, and should only be attempted by a team very practiced in working in these areas.

The patient today was a good candidate for this approach. He asked if it was appropriate and if we believed it could be done successfully, and I thought it made sense. We did a 2,500 graft FUT procedure aimed at restoring the frontal band, "corners," and part of the temporal triangles. The case went very well and the patient returned at 6 months to show us his results. Even at 6 months, his transformation is excellent and he proves that "corner closure" is appropriate for the right candidate and with the right team.

Here are a few "teaser" images; I highly encourage all viewers to watch the detailed video below.




And here is the video:
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