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The difference between this hair transplant chat forum and all others

All hair transplant chat forums have value. So if there is a particular doctor you are thinking of having your  surgical hair restoration with you should visit as many chat forums as possible to see if he posts his patient results on there regularly.

On Forums you can comment, critique, ask questions, and really put the doctor you're thinking of using for your hair transplant to the test. You can look at other doctors who participate on the Forums and learn more about them then you ever could in the past.

There are two major differences between the Hair Transplant Chat Forum and all others:

The first is that this one is Physician hosted and moderated. The only one of its kind.
This means that surgical, medical, and technical information are checked (or challenged) by accountable and licensed experts for real world accuracy.

The second is that this website is not profit motivated and completely FREE.
HTW and its Chat Forum do not accept Money, Advertising, or Sponsors.
It is a platform for all doctors, all hair loss sufferers, and all patients to use.

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