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Memorial Day special. Repair of 2 military guys by Dr. Lindsey

In honor of all the military guys we work with...and its a lot, here are 2 cases, the first is a guy who had a hair case elsewhere and wants it repaired, made less pluggy and who needs a decent strip scar to be concealed by very short hair.  

His case is:

The the same case, also on a military fellow, now 15 or so months out, showing his scar by me...hard to see..and his old plug scars...easier to see.  We cut out a bunch of those during his case, and who knows...but we may see him again down the road.

His video is:

And just yesterday we had an air force guy for repair of a failed FUE elsewhere, an army guy for his 6 week scar check after his repair...and a navy guy in for a one year check after his repair case.   All at 7am.  

Happy memorial day.

Dr. Lindsey
William H. Lindsey, MD, FACS
Hair Transplant Surgeon | Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and Head & Neck Surgeon | McLean, VA

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