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Do not go to a hair "dabbler", horrible scarring to repair.

This poor fellow went to a doctor who dabbled in hair.   That started him on a path for multiple strip surgeries placed all over the back of his head, virtually zero resulting hair, and countless thousands of dollars lasering, smp-ing, re-lasering, re-tattooing those scars.  He shopped with me for a long time and frankly I told him I'm not sure he has any good options. After months of discussions we agreed to excise 2 of the scars and coalesce them into one scar, which we may repeat in a year or at least decrease the number of scars he has.  We had in person, on phone, via email, and back in person BLUNT discussions on this and at least at 3 months or so he is happy to have less scarring.  We'll see if he opts to do this again.  He has fine laxity despite all of his surgery, so repeating this shouldn't be a big risk.

The video does have graphic shots of the scar excision.

Dr. Lindsey

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Re: Do not go to a hair "dabbler", horrible scarring to repair.

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That's all I am seeing in my area. People who do all kinds of surgeries and added neograft or artis. Research is telling me you want to go to someone who just does hair.

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