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Dr. Lindsey 6 months 1000 FUE hairline

This younger asian male had a very asymetric hairline that made him self conscious.   We did 1000 FUE's, by hand...not mechanized...and he is growing quite nicely at 6 months.  Like lots of our younger guys, he was quite anxious and we heard from him all the time...til it started growing.  Hopefully he'll show up at 13 months for final pics, but frankly, once it starts working, particularly on people who were very worried...we never hear back from them.  And its a shame, as 13 month pics will be much better.

The video is:

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
William H. Lindsey, MD, FACS
Hair Transplant Surgeon | Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and Head & Neck Surgeon | McLean, VA

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