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Female hairline lowering, this time with hair transplant by Dr. Lindsey

I've posted a bunch of videos discussing the 2 options to lower female hairlines.  Well 3 actually...doing nothing is the easiest and cheapest option and frankly, in the US...MOST caucasion women have naturally higher hairlines.   Having now done 4000 facelifts...that is a fact of our population.

So the 2 options are...1. Reverse browlift which immediately lowers the hairline about an inch or so.  Its pretty quick, taking us about 45 minutes in the office with oral sedation.  And usually, the scar is minimal.

2.  Hair transplantation which takes a year to grow in and can be designed to fit the patient's goals of a hairline.

And frankly half of the #1 patients we see....end up doing a small hair transplant a year or 2 later...women have hair greed too!   We have another patient like this next week who did several videos on reverse browlift for me.

Anyhow, here is a hair restoration and at a year...I thought she looked a little thin in 2 or 3 areas so we did a little touchup and we were glad we did.  With that very fair skin and very dark matter how tightly the hair is placed...its just not as much as is needed due to the color mismatch. 

The video is:

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA
William H. Lindsey, MD, FACS
Hair Transplant Surgeon | Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and Head & Neck Surgeon | McLean, VA

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