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Dr Gabel in Portland??

Anyone have info on Dr. Steve Gabel in OR? Seems to do great work and it would be nice to stay local if possible.

I am NW III from what I can tell (but might be in a little denial and could be worse lol), and open to both strip and FUE. Just want the best results. I also lift pretty heavily and interested in his rules for working out after strip.

This guy is probably closest to my hair and I would love this result

NW III --> fin + minox + niz + HT???

Re: Dr Gabel in Portland??

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Dr. Gabel is excellent. His team is extremely proficient in both the FUT and FUE techniques and he consistently churns out great results and posts them online.

Have you reached out to him directly for a consultation? If not, I would highly recommend it.
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Re: Dr Gabel in Portland??

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Did you end up going to Gabel? His stuff looks great. I would go if he wasnt so far.

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