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Ahead Ink Scalp Micropigmentation

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I just wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge Erik Cavagnulo at Ahead Ink.

I have interacted with a number of SMP clinics over the years and have yet to find one I trust as much as Ahead Ink. Not only is Erik's work second-to-none, but he is very honest and ethical. He does not try to "oversell" what he can offer with SMP, nor will he push SMP on a patient who is not right for the procedure. We see a lot of new SMP clinics "popping up" now-a-days, and we, as hair transplant doctors, also see a lot of inappropriate and highly questionable SMP work. With all the noise out there and with so many people trying to quickly get into the SMP field, it is comforting to have someone like Ahead Ink we can refer our patients to for their SMP wants.

So, keep up the great work!

Here is a link to Erik/Ahead Ink's website: http://aheadink.com/

Here is a link to his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT60Ab ... WaI5Hbqoiw

And here is a link to his very active Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/ahead_ink/

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