Why use a Chat Forum to research your hair transplant?

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Why use a Chat Forum to research your hair transplant?

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Nothing has shaped the hair transplant industry more than the online Chat Forum.

TV commercials, in-flight magazine spreads, and full page newspaper ads don't hold a candle to Forums. The reason ? These media are only "one way" announcements. Forums on the other hand are "two way" written discussions.

Which do you think offers more concise and applicable information: A static billboard or  a dynamic electronic town square populated with hundreds of hair loss sufferers (like yourself), patients, and doctors-all of whom are available to converse, answer questions, share photos, and share videos in near real time ?

A referral from a friend or doctor in the old days was all the hair loss sufferer had, if that, before the internet. Now one may research hundreds of doctors, see real world examples of their work, and even ask questions online. To not use an online Forum is to deprive yourself of the most important tool available for finding and researching doctors for your hair transplant.

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