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About This Chat Forum

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Welcome to the HTW Chat Forum- Hosted and Moderated by Physicians for all Hair Loss Sufferers

What this forum is:
HTW and its Chat Forum are the active center of the hair transplant universe. If you're looking for a comprehensive and always up to date website that offers the information you need about procedures and the doctors who perform them, then this is the place for you. You couldn't do better even if you had an uncle in the business.

HTW and its Chat Forum are FREE to all. We do not accept Money, Advertising, or Sponsorship from outside sources.

This is not a marketing website, but rather an electronic town square of other hair loss sufferers, physicians, and patients.

If you need to quickly learn the basics of hair transplantation in about the time it takes to drink a can of soda simply visit HairTransplantWeb.com. But when you're ready to read actual  patient hair transplant experiences and reviews, view before/after photos, and watch videos by or about actual people who have gone before you- start surfing this chat forum. Everything and anything one may need to understand the reality and perspective of modern day surgical hair restoration can be found right here.

You may communicate with patients AND doctors in near-real time. Have a question, concern, or comment about hair transplant surgery? Simply make a post and wait for a response. It’s as easy as sending an email-but far better!

Accuracy and Authority:
Our forum is actively moderated by hair transplant physicians with over 20 years of both surgical practice AND chat forum experience. There is no other forum like it.

All medical, surgical, or technical information posted is screened, evaluated, and vetted for accuracy and context. This reduces hype, confusion, and wasted time for those seeking to use this forum as a research tool for their own hair transplant. Only reality lives on this site.

We invite and encourage opinion, but if such is expressly presented as "fact" that is actually: speculative, outright incorrect, out of context, incongruent with reality, based on wishful thinking, grounded in pseudoscience, the product of online hype, or not practical by today's standards- they will be challenged by our staff of expert physicians.

This platform and environment are protected and controlled. It is only for those who can act with decency and respect toward others. This forum is only for people who are seeking to learn and constructively interact with other hair loss sufferers, patients, and physicians for the purposes of hair transplantation. Marketers, advertisers, trolls, haters, and those with negative agendas will not be tolerated. No gladiator academy rules here. There are plenty of other chat forums available online for those seeking that kind of time-wasting pathos.

All participating physicians do so voluntarily. They do not pay to be able to use this chat forum; nor are they paid or compensated in anyway.

The foundational premise of HTW is that the very best hair transplant doctors are the ones who go out of their way to participate in chat forums like this one. It shows not only that they have a passion for their practice, but can post impressive before/after photos and videos of their own patients to prove it.

Lower tier doctors rarely, if ever, participate because of a lack of impressive results and fear of public criticism. This makes HTW and its chat forum an invaluable filtering tool for those seeking quality hair transplant doctors.  Have the name of a physician you may be thinking of using for your hair transplant ? See if he already posts here. If not, tell him about the HairTransplantWeb chat forum and recommend he join so he can show the world his skill and experience-all for FREE !

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