Consultation with Dr. Feller and Dr. Bloxham

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Consultation with Dr. Feller and Dr. Bloxham

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I want to thank Drs. Feller and Bloxham for speaking with me last week concerning my hair loss. It has been years since I thought about getting my hair back. I had done consultations with a few doctors in the greater NY area but never got around to getting my procedure.

But just met with Dr. Bloxham and he sat with me for over 40 min answering my questions and showing my photos. He even took me into see a procedure. Ouch ! But it didn't really look the way I thought it would look and his patient was very nice and inviting. He said he felt no pain and said I had come to the right place.

I met Dr. Feller as well and he told me about this Forum and said if I wanted to make sure that the job is done right that I should post my experience step by step as I go through the hair transplant journey. I thought that was very honest of him, so I am taking him up on the offer.
So as far as step one goes, that's a big CHECK. Consultation was perfect. Next I will call Stephanie and make an appointment for getting my hair back. Wish me luck. I will update everyone here.
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